Hurricane Prep

Hurricane Prep

Erika Remnants

Governor Rick Scott has declared a state of emergency for the state of FL due to the looming threat of the remnants of Tropical Storm Erika. Erika is scheduled to hit the central Florida area early Tuesday morning along with a flood advisory for most of the area. This storm has already claimed the lives of dozens of people on the carribean island of Dominica, so although it isn’t currently a hurricane, the flooding associated with this storm still poses a threat. With the rains as well as the winds associated with this storm, there are precautionary measures that homeowners can take to prevent unnecessary harm and stress. Here at Landscape Supply, we supply the necessary equipment to help you to be proactive. 

Removing Tree Branches

Limbs (especially dead ones) of nearby trees pose a great threat to the structural integrity of your home. Prior to Erika’s arrival, remove any branches near your home that may cause damage. We offer a huge variety of new and used Stihl chainsaws to help you efficiently remove dangerous tree branches. The Stihl MS 661 C-M and the Stihl MS 251 Wood Boss are our recommendations for durable and powerful chainsaws. You can check out our entire lineup of Stihl chainsaws located here. 

MS 661 CMWood Boss




One of the biggest nuisances associated with hurricanes is the loss of power. If you’re a native Floridian - you’ve probably experienced extensive power outages at some point. To ensure you have a steady stream of power, be sure to check out our lineup of Honda generators. From small generators which are used to power small appliances such as the Honda EU1000i (comes with a 2 year warranty), to generators able to power nearly entire homes like the Honda EB10000 (comes with a 3 year warranty) - we’ve got you covered. You can view our entire selection of Honda generators located here.

The hurricane season is sure to extend past the threat of Hurricane Erika - an investment in a chainsaw and generator can save time, money, and hassle for years to come. In fact, Tropical Storm Fred has already begun to form in the Atlantic. Don’t be stuck wishing you had taken precautionary steps to ensure your families’ safety and well-being. 

         EU1000i                                               EB10000