Landscape Supply Launches A New Blog

Landscape Supply Launches A New Blog

Greetings, welcome to our new blog!

To get things started, we just want to post a little about the store in general.
When you enter our stores, you will be amazed at the equipment we have on hand!  Our Orlando store is the largest, but the amount of equipment we have in the smaller St. Cloud location surprises many visitors!

We also keep a clean and organized yard, full of bulk rock, mulch, sand and soil. We have these available every day.  Last, but certainly not least, we sell lots of sod!  Since sod is a living product, we do not keep pallets in our yard.  We cut farm fresh sod every day.  You will want to place an order in advance, since we try to cut only as much as we need for the day.

We delivery every product we sell. From farm fresh sod delivery, rock, mulch or sand/soil, to a John Deere 575E Tractor!

What else do we sell?  We sell parts for all brands we carry and Stihl and John Deere merchandise.  We have hats, shirts and accessories for all the John Deere fans like us!

Of course we repair lawn equipment as well. We have highly skilled technicians whose education is ongoing, since technology never stops advancing. As a matter of fact, we are the first Stihl Platinum certified dealer in the South East USA!

Keep an eye on our blog, as we will share tips, promotions and interesting industry news as it arrives.
We hope to see you soon!