New Innovations On Commercial Mowers

New Innovations On Commercial Mowers


Lawn mower manufacturers are tirelessly strive to bring more technology to their new models. They are constantly innovating with the intent to make mowing and maintaining your mower simpler. While residential mowers usually get upgrades that enhance the comfort and usability of the machine, commercial models get innovations that increase productivity and efficiency. Some new innovations to keep an eye out for are listed below.


John Deere - Mulch on Demand™ Decks

The Mulch On Demand mower deck delivers unprecedented levels of productivity and versatility to commercial mower operation. With the ability to switch between side discharge and mulching operation with the flip of a lever as you mow, keeping most clippings out of landscaping features and where they are wanted is extremely easy. Featuring a 5.5 in deep deck design, significantly fewer welds on the deck shell, and wider and higher discharge opening that provides even clipping dispersal for an excellent finished appearance, John Deere MOD decks are quickly becoming a popular item. These decks are available for use with the Z925M EFI, Z930M, Z930M EFI, Z950M, Z930R, Z950R, Z960R, 997 Diesel, 997R Diesel, 652R MOD, and the 652R EFI MOD models in varying sizes.


Exmark - RED Onboard Intelligence Platform

This addition to EFI and E-Gov helps optimize machine life, maximize productivity, and dramatically increase fuel efficiency. It enables communication and response between key systems on your mower. A three-position rocker switch enables the operator to match power to specific mowing conditions. “Efficient” mode offers peak performance power with reduced fuel consumption, emissions, noise, and overall wear on the machine. “Max” mode provides power exceeding todays units for operating in demanding conditions. “Low” mode is for operating in wet conditions and helps reduce deck packing for a superior cut. System monitoring gives visual warnings of critical system issues as well as indicating engine temperature and oil pressure. In addition, Clutch Saver increases clutch life and improves operator efficiency by enabling on-the-fly PTO engagement/disengagement. The system engages at 2,750 RPM and disengages at 2,500 RPM regardless of throttle position. Available on the Lazer Z X-Series.


Honda - Versamow System™ with Clip Director

This revolutionary technology allows you to choose how much grass is bagged and how much is mulched. You can even choose different combinations of both at the same time. And no tools or attachments are needed. The Versamow System™ features 4 in 1 versatility (mulching, bagging, rear discharge, or leaf shredding), “the best cutting performance of any mower available”, better mulching and better bagging. This system works by utilizing a knob called the Clip Director™ that’s built into the deck. The Clip Director is attached to a sliding door located under the deck which controls the direction of the grass clippings. Available on HRX series mowers.