The History Of The Lawn Mower

The History Of The Lawn Mower

The days of using grazing animals and scythes to manicure our lawns are long gone. Let’s take a look at a timeline explaining the revolution of the modern lawn mower.

1830: "Gentlemen will find using my machine an amusing ... healthful exercise." — British mechanic Edward Bear Budding submits patent application for the first lawnmower.

Budding Patent

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1868: Amariah Hills receives the first U.S. patent for the reel-type mower, and the machine makes its stateside debut.

Amariah Hill

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1919: Colonel Edwin George manufactures the first gasoline-powered mowers in the U.S.

1921: Oscar and Knud Jacobsen introduce a purpose-built gas engine for the mower. The reel-mowing machine cuts a staggering 4 acres a day—perfect for the golf courses, parks, and cemeteries it's intended to maintain.

1929: William Beazley builds a power rotary lawnmower with blades that are driven horizontal to the grass rather than vertical like traditional reel mowers, creating a closer cut.

1938: Toro introduces the Homelawn, a power mower for the homeowner: It's affordable, fits in a garage, and is so easy to handle that parents make their kids use it.

Toro Homelawn

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1953: Briggs & Stratton invents the lightweight aluminum engine for mowers. By 1957 it accounts for 80% of engines the company ships in the U.S.

1963: John Deere ventures into the consumer market by producing lawn and garden tractor and mowing attachments for tractors.

1982: Explicit lawnmower safety standards are implemented—and an ominous label is born.

Lawnmower Safety

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2000: Two companies debut robotic mowers. "Who needs to pay a kid to mow your lawn?" asks Popular Mechanics in September.

Robotic Mowers

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2010: The world record for fastest speed on a mower is set on May 23 in Pendine, U.K.: 87.83 mph.

2013: Stihl introduces the RMA370, a battery-powered lawn mower.

2014: The Honda “Mean Mower”, powered by a 1000cc/109hp engine, shatters the world record speed for a lawn mower at 116 mph 

Honda Mean Mower

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