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Why St Augustine Floratam Is The Best Grass For Orlando

Posted on 03/28/2016

Living in the sub-tropic and very humid Central Florida regions, residents and business owners alike soon come to the conclusion that beautiful, lush grass is totally in keeping with the Floridian atmosphere. However, with this comes another realization: there's only one kind of grass that can withstand the unique weather--St. Augustine Floratam.

Our article below covers some things that homeowners and business owners need to know about this region-oriented grass that makes...[read more]

Landscaping Tips For Orlando

Posted on 03/10/2016

Orlando is a beautiful area to live. With the warmer months already here, you may be planning to take your yard to another level. Whether you are making improvements for entertaining purposes or out of necessity, there are some tips to make the process smoother. Here are some wonderful landscaping tips for the Orlando Florida area.

Evaluate the elements. You may notice that the wind blows from a certain direction, or that you may get way more sun from a particular area of the...[read more]

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