Landscaping Tips For Orlando

Landscaping Tips For Orlando

Orlando is a beautiful area to live. With the warmer months already here, you may be planning to take your yard to another level. Whether you are making improvements for entertaining purposes or out of necessity, there are some tips to make the process smoother. Here are some wonderful landscaping tips for the Orlando Florida area.

Evaluate the elements. You may notice that the wind blows from a certain direction, or that you may get way more sun from a particular area of the home. You may find it helpful to observe the wind and sunlight patterns at different times of the day. If you are planning to add a patio for relaxation or entertaining during the warmer months, you can plan to add a new space to that particular part of the yard. 

Create the landscape best suited for your family’s needs. If you are planning to add a garden or plant perennials in a particular area, make sure that the landscaping area is relatively flat. Steering clear of extremely sharp curves and difficult angles will make your work easier to maintain. If you won't have much time to devote to gardening, consider top Florida plants like the Autumn fern, which is resilient and doesn't require much upkeep. You don’t want to have a hard time with maintenance in that difficult area. Consider Empire Zoysia grass if you love playing in your yard with your family - its soft, fine blades feel great and stand up well to foot traffic.  As an Orlando sod company, we know how important a beautiful AND livable yard is.

Map out a budget. When you are planning a major gardening budget for your space, you should set a spending budget. This will help you allocate funds toward each phase or area of the landscaping project. Create a list of everything you are planning to do to enhance the area of your yard. Locate the most affordable stores in your area that sell the equipment, mulch, fertilizer and flowers you plan on purchasing for the landscaping project. 

Keep the humid, warm weather in mind when planning your landscaping project. You want to know about how the trees, shrubs or plants grow throughout the year. You can research the top Florida perennials or native plants to get a feel of what will work for your yard. You want to be certain that you can easily maintain the area as the trees, plants or flowers begin to mature over time. In areas like Orlando, Florida, plants like Cannas thrive and require less maintenance.

Sketch out the landscaping project before you begin to do the work. You want to visualize your work. Start by taking a serious inventory of the yard area, identifying changes in the land like mounds that could prove to be hard to navigate when landscaping. Consider the available space. A smaller yard may benefit from a plant like the Firebush because it can reach 10 feet easily and provide ample shade. Review your budget, and prioritize the landscaping improvements based on your overall design goals. Be mindful of the unnecessary additions, and scratch them off of your list if they aren’t extremely important to you. 

Gather inspiration from landscaping magazines. You may not know exactly where to start, so consider drawing inspiration from impressive yards. You can jot down notes or cut out pictures to assist with your planning efforts. You’ll be able to identify the improvements that make sense for your particular yard and plan accordingly.

Start small. You don’t have to trouble yourself with complex projects just starting out. You may become frustrated as you encounter these challenges. Start small with a flowerbed or weeding. As you become skilled in a particular area, gradually progress to more complicated projects. By starting off slow, you are also able to identify the impractical improvements you’re planning for your yard. 

Landscaping can be exciting for anyone on any particular skill level. If you start by mapping out the landscaping plan and assigning a budget to the project, you’ll find it easier to complete.