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Decorating With Rocks In Landscaping

Posted on 03/29/2016

Landscaping with decorative rock is a beautiful, low-maintenance way to keep your yard and garden looking nice. Small rocks can be used to enhance formal landscaping, cottage gardens or xeriscaped rock gardens. Rock is useful for suppressing weeds, improving drainage, retaining heat and adding color and design to your property. Different sizes, colors and shapes of decorative rock are available to personalize your design for your individual property, taste and style. 
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Rock Landscaping Ideas

Posted on 03/18/2016

Having a well-manicured lawn creates an inviting and relaxed atmosphere that makes you want to stay longer. The grass and bushes are the common landscaping materials. However, rocks can also work whether you use all rocks landscape or as a mix of natural vegetation and rock. At Landscaping Supply co., we love creating lovely landscapes, and personalized environments for maximum comfort. 

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Types Of Decorative Landscaping Rock

Posted on 02/18/2016

Using landscaping rocks can save time and labor when designing a yard or the grounds of a building. Many types of landscape rocks are as effective as mulch at preventing weeds, making upkeep less arduous. Different sizes, colors and textures lend themselves to various landscaping projects.


River Rock

River Rock is a versatile, affordable choice for landscaping around your home. It can be found in a rainbow of colors and in every size. Water acts like a...[read more]

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