Rock Landscaping Ideas

Rock Landscaping Ideas

Having a well-manicured lawn creates an inviting and relaxed atmosphere that makes you want to stay longer. The grass and bushes are the common landscaping materials. However, rocks can also work whether you use all rocks landscape or as a mix of natural vegetation and rock. At Landscaping Supply co., we love creating lovely landscapes, and personalized environments for maximum comfort. 

We have several decorative rocks at our store to create different designs, hues, and tones. Orlando landscapers can create several designs in your landscape by using a combination of different rocks. 

Here are some of the popular and landscaping designs created by our rock collection

Stylish walk through 

Granite rocks create a luxurious patio and walkway to the main house. These rocks are not porous and are not washed away by rainwater. You can augment the rocks with a wild set of bushes and shrubs. 

Bold patios 

If your area receives lots of sunshine, you may consider making use of our white marble to create glittering paths, patios, and bold shapes around potted plants. The rock shines in the sun and is not porous. White marbles in different tones create a natural appeal down your paths. 

Gravel entries 

Gray granite has been used for a long time to create soft entries to Victorian era homes. The granite gray earthly color along with its crunchy feel when stepped underfoot makes it a lovely hardscape for the paving. The gravel entry looks good with a mix of long grasses and short multicolored shrubs. You may have the Japanese Silver Grass, cotoneaster, and Palace Purple intermix throughout the entire entry. 

Colored pond bed 

The pea rock is common in dried river bends and sediments. It comes with several hues; with brownish to yellow hue being the most common. The rocks are good for use in your pond bend. You can also use the same to landscaping your garden or the paths between different buildings. The pea rock can also be blended with gray granite for a colored pathway. 

The tan river rocks charm 

The tan river rock is charming multicolored rock that comes with earthly hues of brown, white, reddish, and gray, among many more. Tan River Rock can be used in your drainages to create slow sediment. On the patios and entries, the rocks help get rid of grass and weeds. The rocks can also be used around potted plants and tall shrubs to create intricate designs and help display the beauty of your flowering plants.

The gravel luxury 

Are you looking for a lighter tone for your patios, gardens, and driveways? The river white rock is the rock to select. The rock is whiter but of the same density with the tan river rock. It can be used in patios, drainages, and landscaping pond area. The rock is non-porous and is not affected by the changes in weather. 

Landscaping Supply Co. supplies all the rock in the required quantities to your doorstep at affordable costs. For quality rocks for all your landscaping needs look no further. Contact us today.