Types Of Decorative Landscaping Rock

Types Of Decorative Landscaping Rock

Using landscaping rocks can save time and labor when designing a yard or the grounds of a building. Many types of landscape rocks are as effective as mulch at preventing weeds, making upkeep less arduous. Different sizes, colors and textures lend themselves to various landscaping projects.


River Rock

River Rock is a versatile, affordable choice for landscaping around your home. It can be found in a rainbow of colors and in every size. Water acts like a rock polisher on these rocks, giving them smooth, rounded edges. Tan river rock adds a more finished look to areas that you decide not to plant with foliage. Some homeowners use river rock to create the natural look of a dry creek bed, especially in areas where water is scarce.


Pea Gravel

Pea gravel is useful for creating paths in your landscaping design. Once you install a border of edging or timbers, all that's left to do is to add a thick layer of pea gravel to keep weeds from sprouting. The small, uniform rocks are comfortable to walk on and can even be raked when needed to ensure even coverage. Gray pea gravel looks great in a xeriscape design as a backdrop for cacti and succulents, and it acts as effective mulch.


Lava Rock

Decorative lava rock is either red or black and, because it's porous, it's a lightweight landscaping material. As the rock breaks down, it becomes lava sand, which helps the soil to retain moisture. A thick enough layer of the rock will also provide some insulation from hot temperatures. One landscaping idea is to cover the ground with smaller lava rocks and then randomly space larger stones of the same material among them.


Timberlite is a type of volcanic rock that resembles wood chips, with coloring that incorporates tan, red and brown. Timberlite is another affordable type of landscaping stone that adds interest to the surroundings. It adds color to the landscape for an area that's not going to have showy foliage competing with it. Like red and black lava rock, it retains little heat, which is helpful in hot climates.


White Marble

This is one of the most popular landscaping stones for patios and around showcase plantings. The white marble glistens in the sunlight, and it makes a beautiful backdrop for special plants and other decorative outdoor additions like fountains. Using marble chips or stones is also a great way to brighten up a shady area.


The best way to find affordable and good looking landscape rocks is to source them locally. Transportation adds to the cost, so dealing with local supply companies will save you money. Landscaping rocks are sold by the cubic yard.