Decorating With Rocks In Landscaping

Decorating With Rocks In Landscaping

Landscaping with decorative rock is a beautiful, low-maintenance way to keep your yard and garden looking nice. Small rocks can be used to enhance formal landscaping, cottage gardens or xeriscaped rock gardens. Rock is useful for suppressing weeds, improving drainage, retaining heat and adding color and design to your property. Different sizes, colors and shapes of decorative rock are available to personalize your design for your individual property, taste and style. 


Xeriscaping (aka. Zero-scaping)

Xeriscaping is a form of landscaping for drought resistance. The use of rocks and plants that thrive in the heat with very little water can create a beautiful, interesting landscape. Colored rocks can provide additional interest, and they can be used to create complex patterns that will enhance the architecture of your home and your ornamental plants. A xeriscaped garden is ideal for climates with hot summers and little rainfall during the year. With carefully selected plant choices, your dry rock garden can be lush and colorful.


Cottage Gardens

A cottage garden consists of Victorian elements such as colorful perennial borders, picket fences and an informal design. This British-style garden can be enhanced by decorative rock paths that separate the plantings and allow for a walking surface that is durable and efficiently drains water. Granite makes an especially beautiful surface, and crushed rock will compact into a comfortable walking surface. Creating paths from decorative rock will allow you to shape beautiful vistas in your traditional cottage garden.


Improving Drainage

Decorative rock is useful for improving drainage in areas where water tends to pool. Clay soils or sunken areas can be lined with a crushed concrete fill and topped with a beautiful river rock to camouflage pooled water issues. Crushed rock can also be intermixed with heavy clay soils to provide drainage under planting beds or to provide an appropriate habitat for plants who thrive in dry, well-draining soils. Adding decorative rock around plants can also contribute to retained heat and more water evaporation which can contribute to improving standing water issues as well.


A Maintenance-Free Landscape

When you select decorative rock for your landscape and make careful choices about the plants that will thrive in a rock-enhanced garden, you will create a landscape that is nearly maintenance free. Xeriscaped plants require little water, and weeds will be suppressed by the rock ground covers. You’ll be able to enjoy a landscape that remains beautiful all year long without spending long hours in the garden or hiring a maintenance crew. 

Using decorative rock to enhance your landscaping is a beautiful, long-lasting way to enhance your property and create a personalized landscaped property that will add curb appeal to your home or business.