Yard Work Or Yard Workout

Yard Work Or Yard Workout

Raking Lawn


We all know that yard work can cause us to work up a mean sweat. But does that mean it’s good exercise? Let’s take a look at some common lawn care activities and roughly how many calories you can burn while doing them. While these amounts won't be as substantial as doing a highly aerobic exercise such as running, you can be certain you are going to burn much more calories doing yard work than sitting in front of the TV. All calorie amounts are for a person weighing 155 lbs – someone heavier would burn more and someone that’s not as heavy would burn less calories. 


Bagging grass, leaves – An hour spent bagging up grass and leaves will burn about 281 calories per hour.


Gardening, general – If you plan on doing general gardening work, you can expect to burn 281 calories per hour as well.


Mowing lawn – Someone mowing their lawn with a powered walk mower will burn 387 calories per hour (operating a non-powered push mower may burn an additional 100 calories), while someone operating a riding lawn mower will burn significantly less at 176 calories per hour.


-  Raking lawn – Before you can bag that debris, you gotta rake it all together right? An hour’s time spent raking the lawn and you can plan on burning about 303 calories.


Watering lawn or garden – If you spend an hour keeping your lawn or garden hydrated you will burn approximately 106 calories.


-  Weeding, cultivating garden – An hour spent weeding your lawn or garden with burn 317 calories.


-  Cleaning gutters – It’s a dirty job – but somebody’s gotta do it. An hour’s worth of cleaning your gutters will burn 352 calories.


In addition to the calories burned during these yardwork tasks, many of them provide good upper body and lower body workouts as well. The lawn care workout may not suffice in keeping you totally fit, but it’s certainly a nice supplement to a larger workout regimen. So next time the frightening thought of having to do strenuous yard work comes into your mind – remember, at least it’s pretty good exercise.



* All calories counts via NutriStrategy.