Sod Vs Seed

Sod Vs Seed

Sod vs. Seed

Although we are a bit biased here at Landscape Supply (click here to check out our sod selection), here are some real advantages to choosing sod vs. seed when deciding how to go about establishing a new lawn.

- Immediate Satisfaction and Less Work

Rather than waiting for seed to grow in your lawn, sod gives you immediate results. Within just a few short weeks you will have a healthy and beautiful lawn without all of the care during the establishment period (can be two years or more) that seed requires. Sod immediately adds to the functionality, value, and aesthetic appeal of your home. Sodding will not require additional attempts where seed may need two or three applications for complete ground coverage.

- More Flexible Install Period

Unlike seeds, which can really only be planted in the late summer/early fall, sod can be laid any time during the growing season.

- Longterm Cost Effectiveness

Although sod may seem to be more expensive than seed upfront, in the longterm sod may end up being the more cost effective option. Seed takes extra herbicide, fertilizer, and water to achieve the same results that sod gives. 

- Professionally Grown 

Sod arrives on your property as a healthy, mature lawn. Quality sod like the sod that we offer is free of weeds, insects, and diseases. A seeded lawn is susceptible to weeds during the establishment period before the lawn is full.

- Prevents Soil Erosion

Due to the fact that sod is mature the day it is installed, it immediately controls erosion, dust, and mud. Sod can be installed on slopes for stabilization purposes. Seed is fragile and highly vulnerable to to foot traffic and erosion.

- Failure to Establish

Not likely with sod, given adequate care. With seed, the possibility of failure is much more likely due to non-germination of seed, weeds, disease, thin spots, etc.