Tips On Mowing Wet Grass

Tips On Mowing Wet Grass

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As you know, here in Florida it rains, a lot. No matter what time of day you decide to mow, your yard could be wet from a recent rain or even just from the morning dew. This makes mowing your lawn a more difficult and messier task. But no fret, we are here to give you some tips on how to successfully mow your wet lawn without damaging it.

Raise The Mower Deck

Grasses in places like Florida and other regions that experience a wet climate grow best when the leaf is long, between 3 and 4 inches. Many people aren't aware of this and cut their grass too short. The problem is more severe when the mowing conditions are damp due to the inability of the mower to operate at its best. To achieve maximum results, move the mower deck up to the highest or second highest setting when mowing in these conditions. No matter the conditions, its always best to always mow 1/3 or less of the grass blade length. 

Side Discharge

If the wet conditions are extreme, then it is best to side-discharge the grass clippings as opposed to bagging or mulching them. Adjust the mower to the highest or second highest setting, make sure you have activated the side discharge option (this may be the factory setting on your machine already), and proceed to mow. Cross-mow or mow at a 90 degree angle to the initial mowing direction to create mulch. After two or three days of letting the clippings dry, you can either rake up the clippings or mow again with the mower in mulching or bagging  

Mower Cleaning

I'm sure that you are well aware of the mess that accumulates on your mower when you decide to mow a moist lawn. Tons of soggy clippings will adhere to the underside of the mower deck as well as other places. If kept unclean, these clippings will quickly turn to mold. If you mower has a washout port, use it to flush water into the deck in order to properly clean it. Whether or not you have a wash port, use a putty knife or box blade to thoroughly scrape the surface of the deck clean. Be especially mindful not to forget to clean the lip where the deck edge curls under. A wire brush should also be used to clean your mower's tires. Wipe the rest of the mower down to clean off the excess clippings. Taking these steps will ensure your mower is in proper working condition (and looks better, too).

Sharpen Your Mower Blades

Having sharp blades is even more pertinent when mowing wet grass. A damp grass blade will cause a dull blade to shred, tear, or even worse completely miss grass blades. Before mowing, ensure that your blades are sharp to prevent a poor quality cut.