Hiring A Landscaping Service

Hiring A Landscaping Service

There are many reasons to hire a professional landscaping company to tackle that back-breaking lawn maintenance.

The heat.

Around this time of year, Central Florida averages a temperature of roughly 85 degrees fahrenheit with 60% humidity. Oppressive! Wouldn’t you much rather be inside, you know, where the air conditioning is? I’m sure the lawn service guys would too, but it’s their job and you can pay them to do it instead.

The cost.

An average residential riding or push mower can range between $400 and $2000, not including the cost of regularly maintaining and fueling up the machine. Throw in another $300-$600 for a trimmer and edger, and you are looking at shelling out a fortune for lawn care equipment. An average lawn service will cost about $30-$40 for a lawn care service, with roughly 30 services annually. That puts a total annual lawn maintenance cost at around $1000. Plus, how much is your time worth?

Your time.

If you are like me, my time is treasured. Spend your time doing what you want to do, and pay a local lawn service company to do the work you’d rather not spending your precious time doing. You can save in excess of 100 hours of your time per year by hiring someone else to do the work for you.


Lawn care service providers do this for a living. Chances are, having a professional take care of your lawn will result in a better looking, healthier lawn. There are many professional landscaping companies in the Central Florida area, and I am sure that there is one that is already servicing your immediate area. Sites like Angie’s List, Yelp, Craigslist, Google, etc can give you valuable insight before you decide which company to go with. Perhaps your neighbors already have a lawn maintenance service and would happily recommend them to you and give you their contact info.

Eases Lawn Management.

Lawn management is a science, not an art. In order to keep a lawn attractive, you need to have the knowledge and know how as to what fertilizer is needed to take care of the lawn based on seasons, climate, soil conditions, etc. The right product combination is required to keep the lawn looking good and the wrong fertilizer or application rates can seriously damage a lawn.

Before hiring a landscaping firm, here are some other general questions to consider asking:

- What kind of insurance/licenses do they have?

- How long have they been doing business?

- What all is included in a basic or premium lawn care service?

- Do they offer other services such as fertilization, weed/pest control, aeration, tree trimming, or landscape design?

- Do they dispose of any debris or clippings?

After hiring a lawn maintenance company you’ll be able to save the hours of sweat and toil taking care of the home lot yourself. You’ll be able to spend this time doing other things, like catching up on your reading or getting back in touch with an old hobby or new avenue of creativity! Or you might just want to use that new free-time to catch up on your favorite television show, it’s your choice!

So if saving money, staying cool, and just pretty much relaxing and doing nothing on the weekends is your preference then hire a professional landscaping service to do the job for you.