Types Of Sod

Types Of Sod

Sod is palletized grass, ready for installation. Sod is simply "thrown" over a prepared area of ground. After that, it needs to be watered and should avoid being walked on for a few weeks until it's established. Our professionals at Landscape Supply, Co. cut fresh sod every day to our customer's specifications, and deliver it by the pallet.  You can also buy FLoratam by the piece at our store. Our best sods include Floratam St. Augustine and Empire Zoysia. Here are some facts about them:

Floratam St. Augustine
St. Augustine grass is a type of warm weather grass. Our Floratam St. Augustine was developed at the Florida and Texas A&M Experiment Stations, and was bred to resist both the chinch bug and the blight known as St. Augustine decline, or SAD. It also holds up well against drought and brown patch. Because of this, and the beauty of the grass, Floratam St. Augustine is now the most popular type of St. Augustine grass used in Florida. It does best if it's installed in an area that gets direct sunlight for at least six hours a day

The blades of Floratam St. Augustine grass are also wider and longer than those of regular St. Augustine grass, and it has large, purplish red stolons. Our experts recommend that the grass be mown when it's between three and four inches high after it's established.

Empire Zoysia
The beautiful, wide-bladed, emerald green Empire Zoysia is the grass to install in a climate that gets hot in the summer and is subject to periods of drought. Besides this, our zoysia grass is soft underfoot. It grows rather slowly, so it does not need a great deal of maintenance. It should be mown when it's only one to two inches high after it's established. It also doesn't need a lot of fertilizing, which makes it more eco-friendly than a lot of other grasses that need regular feeding.

Though it is soft, our Empire Zoysia is also tough, and recovers from both drought and injuries quickly. It also resist weeds and chinch bugs.

Taking Care
The sod, whether our Empire Zoysia or Floratam St. Augustine, needs to be deeply watered right after it's laid down. Then, it needs to be watered twice a day for 30 minutes a session for the first month. Be careful to water in the early morning and in the afternoon, and avoid watering in the evening. In other words, don't put the grass to bed wet!

To find out whether or not the grass is established, grab some and give it a tug. If it resists, it's been established. Also, don't cut off more than a third of the blade during a mowing. This traumatizes the grass and encourages diseases and pests. Make sure that the blade of the lawn mower is sharp, for a dull blade will only crush the grass instead of cutting it cleanly. Please call or chat with us if you have any questions about our sod service.

Most of all enjoy the sod you've bought from us at Landscape Supply, Co!