Dos And Donts Of Laying Sod

Dos And Donts Of Laying Sod

Whether you are looking to decorate a new lawn or renovate your old one, laying sod is a painstaking and long process. It has a high chance of becoming messy if not handled with utmost care.

We, at Landscape Supply Co. with over 20 years of experience in groundcare, are well-versed in the rules of sod-laying. Follow our list of do’s and don'ts to lay the perfect sod in your lawn -

DO Take Precise Measurements

Sod is pretty expensive, so you want to buy only as much as you need to completely cover your lawn. It usually comes rolled in square or rectangular sections that need to be cut according to the size of your lawn. Take precise measurements of the area you want to cover with a tape measure. When buying sod, seek to buy the right kind of sod for your lawn.

DO Prepare Soil Beforehand

Sod needs to be laid as soon as it arrives, you will therefore need to prepare soil before you buy it. It is a labour intensive job, so make sure to have an extra hand or our professional services for assistance. Depending on your situation, preparing soil for sod could involve:

Spading the area you want to lay sod in about 6 inches deep
Clearing the area of rocks, roots and other debris
Leveling the area at least 1 inch below sidewalks and sprinkler
Filling in the uneven areas and/or using a lawn roller to level the surface
Irrigating the soil and applying herbicide for weeds at least 10 days before sod laying, and finally,
Pre-fertilizing the soil.

DO Install Carefully

This is the part of sod laying that requires utmost detail and care. Following these steps will go a long way:

Laying the edges of your sod squares as tight together as possible. Make sure there are neither overlaps nor spaces in between.
Arranging the joints between sheets of sods in an imitation of laying bricks.
Using a sharp knife to fit the sod in corners or around trees and other objects.
Post installation, watering your lawn up to a depth of at least 8 inches.
Watering the newly sodded lawn about 15 minutes thrice a day for the next 10 days to allow the roots to set properly.

DON’T Use The Lawn

To allow the sod to establish properly, avoid using it for a minimum of 3 weeks. Take special care to keep children and dogs away from the sod to enjoy evenly levelled turf later.

DON’T Mow Before Sod Sets

It is essential to allow the sod to plant itself firmly in the underlying soil. Give it at least 10 days before mowing. When you do mow finally, monitor mower settings to ensure you only take off up to a third of the grass blade’s height. Avoid using a lawn rake for it can pull up loosely held sod.

DON’T Forget To Keep Sod Moist

Sod is prone to drying quickly and doesn’t have a long shelf life. It is essential to keep it moist all the time, whether it is yet to be installed or completed. Similarly, avoid over watering it, which will cause the sod to turn yellow and die. Ensure that water doesn’t pool over the sod and avoid watering it at night.