Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions:

What does Landscape Supply Sell?

We sell a wide range of supplies for professional landscapers and consumers. This includes lawn mowers, edgers, hedge and tree trimmers, generators, chainsaws, multipurpose power tools and more. We also sell sod, mulch, rock, sand & soil.

Is Landscape Supply a Landscaper?

We specialize in landscape supply and equipment sales. We are open 6 days a week.

Do you deliver?

Yes, we deliver throughout Central Florida. Delivery pricing and availability depends on the quantity of product and desired location.

Where are you located?

Our Orlando address is:
12049 S Orange Blossom Trail
Orlando, FL 32837

Our St. Cloud address is:
117 13th Street
St. Cloud, FL 34769

Equipment Questions:

Do you sell [brand x] products?

We sell a wide range of brands. See our Power Equipment page for a list of manufacturers.

Do you service equipment?

Yes, we service all brands we sell and most models. Give us a call or email us at with any questions.

What if I didn't buy it from Landscape Supply?

That is no problem! Bring it in and we will service it for you.

Sod Questions:

What kind of sod do I need?

Empire Zoysia is a very popular choice since it requires far less water and is more drought resistant than St. Augustine sod and doesn't get chinch bugs. For St. Augustine, Floratam is the most common grass in Florida. It is the full sun variety, while Seville can withstand much higher amounts of shade.

How do I care for my sod?

Check out our sod care page for care instructions.
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How do I care for my sod right after it is installed?

You should water all types of sod 2 or 3 times a day for 20 or 30 minutes each time (this means all zones on an automatic system should go off two - three times a day). Ideally, this would be 6am, noon and 6pm during daylight savings time. The sod comes with fertilizers and pesticides applied at the farm.
Click Here For Our Full Care Page!

Is there a Warranty on sod?

You have 24 hours to contact us if it looks like the sod arrived with some fault from the farm. After only 24 hours, there are myriad things that could affect the sod in negative ways.

Here are the best options to take after 24 hours:
1.) Visit the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences website ( to find detailed information on your issue or give them a call to talk about it.
2.) Click here to visit howard fertilizer for fertilizers and pesticides if you want to do-it-yourself.
3.) If your grass is a Sod Solutions product (such as Empire Zoysia), visit their website for tips and/or contact information.

Is your sod muck based? Sand based?

Neither, actually. Our sod is grown in topsoil. Muck grown sod comes from Florida's southern region around Miami and isn't suited to our soil. Our topsoil grown sod comes with approx. 2 inches of topsoil on the roots and will grow beautiful in our Central Florida lawns. Muck grown sod is beautiful and light, but it won't thrive in our area. Our topsoil sod is every bit as great and is suited to our climate.

How much sod comes on a pallet?

Each pallet is 400 square feet, or about 150 pieces.

Why 400 square feet pallets?

Sod that comes in 500 sq ft pallets is muck grown sod (see above) which is much lighter so they can stack more on a pallet. The problem is muck grown sod won't grab onto our soil for a strong, healthy lawn.

I have questions about applying Fertilizers/Pesticides/etc.

The best option is to contact a certified spray company or a local government employed expert with such questions (see below).

State Resources:

Orange County --- detailed information, tips, contact info & classes
You may call the University of Florida Plant Clinic from 8:00AM to Noon and 1:00PM to 5:00PM, Monday - Friday. Call into the Extension Service Plant Clinic with questions relating to residential landscape problems or care.
A Master Gardener Volunteer will be on hand to answer your questions at (407) 254-9200.
To talk with a local Horticulture expert, call (407) 254-9200.

Is your question still not answered?
Email Joshua at and he'll help you find an answer!