John Deere WH48A Walk-Behind Lawn Mower

John Deere WH48A Walk-Behind Lawn Mower

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Features & Specs

  • Heavy-duty, 5-speed gear transmission
  • Pistol-grip controls within comfortable reach
  • 48-inch, 7-gauge fabricated fixed mower deck
John Deere
Model WH48A
Engine Power 18.5 hp (13.8 kW)
Drivetrain Heavy Duty Hydrostatic
Deck Size 48 inch deck
Fuel Capacity 5.8 gallons
Cylinders 2
Operating Speed 3600 rpm
Drive Wheel Size 16x7.5-8
Warranty 2-year bumper-to-bumper
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The WH48A Commercial Walk-Behind Mower comes equipped with a heavy-duty, 5 speed transmission for easy, smooth shifting and superior ground speed adjustments. Its 7-gauge fabricated fixed deck delivers high quality cut, and a blade tip speed of 18,000fpm provides more blade strikes per inch. Add in a commercial-grade engine for fuel efficiency, low noise and reduced operating temperatures, and you have a mower that performs superbly in all conditions.

Key Features
Exclusive two-year bumper-to-bumper warranty
Drive wheels provide excellent traction
Convenient operator controls improve productivity
Self-propelled drive system provides infinite ground-speed adjustments to meet mowing needs
Optional grass-collecting system makes collecting thatch and leaves easy
Powerful air-cooled engine delivers power and reliability
Flat-free front caster wheels eliminate downtime
A 7-gauge, 0.179-in. (4.6-mm), fabricated floating mower deck delivers high-quality cut
Comfort, Controls
Convenient operator controls improve productivity
Safety, Serviceability
Exclusive two-year bumper-to-bumper warranty
Engine, Fuel, Transmission
Powerful air-cooled engine delivers power and reliability
Self-propelled drive system provides infinite ground-speed adjustments to meet mowing needs


Manufacturer John Deere
Model WH48A (MY2015)
Manufacturer  Kawasaki  
Model Number  FS600V  
Horsepower  18.5 hp 
 13.8 kW 
Displacement  603 cc 
 36.8 cu in. 
Cylinders  Two  
Crankcase Capacity  With filter 1.8 U.S. qt 
 1.7 L 
Operating Speed  3600 rpm 
Idle Speed  1550 rpm 
Ignition/Starter  Electronic/electric start  
Valving  Overhead valves  
Oil Filter  Standard  
Lubrication  Full pressure  
Governor  Flyweight all speed governor  
Hourmeter  Standard  
Cooling System  Air cooled  
Air Cleaner  Dual element  
Muffler  Low tone  
Fuel Type  Gasoline  
Fuel Tank Capacity  5.8 U.S. gal. 
 21.9 L 
Fuel Pump  Pulse  
Fuel Delivery System  Carburetor  
Fuel Tank Switch/Shut Off Valve  Shut off valve  
Filler Neck Opening  ---  
Fuel Pickup  Top draw  
Ignition  Electronic spark  
Hourmeter  Standard, digital  
Operator Presense Starting System  Standard  
Transmission  Hydrostatic, twin loop control type, Hydro-Gear pumps 10 cc 
Wheel Motors  Parker-Ross™  
Shift Mechanism  ---  
Drive Wheels  16x7.5-8  
Outside to Outside Tire Measurement  41.25 in. 
 104.8 cm 
Caster Wheels  9x3.5-4 flat free  
Shift Mechanism  ---  
Forward Speeds  0-7 mph 
 0-11.3 km/h 
Reverse Speeds  0-3 mph 
 0-4.8 km/h 
Speed Range  ---  
Type  Mechanical lever to engage brakes  
Height  43 in. 
 109.2 cm 
Length with Deck  75 in.  
 191 cm 
Width  With with deflector, 60.8 in.  
 154.4 cm 
Weight  670 lb 
 303.9 kg 
48-in. Deck  Floating style 48 in.  
 122 cm 
     Material  Fabricated steel, 7 gauge, 0.18 in.  
 4.6 mm 
     Blades  Three  
     Blade Drive  V-Belt  
     Blade Tip Speed  Approximately 18,000 fpm  
 91 m/s 
     Cutting Height  1.5-5 in.  
 3.8-12.7 cm 
     Width (chute up)  48.5 in.  
 123.2 cm 
Warranty  24 month, single source commercial  
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