Seville St. Augustine Sod
Seville St. Augustine Sod

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Seville's uniform texture, rich dark-green color and shorter, narrower leaf blade give it a distinctive plush appearance. It has proven to be one of the highest-ranked, shade-tolerant St. Augustine grasses, yet does well in full sun. Seville has excellent cold tolerance with good color retention and spring green-up under moderate fertilization.
Seville St. Augustine is a semi-dwarf grass with the ability to grow in areas of little sunlight. As with other vigorous grasses, Seville has excellent horizontal compact growth which requires less mowing than other sod types.
Seville sod is ranked as one of the top shade-tolerant St. Augustine grasses, however it also thrives in full sunlight. Its excellent cold tolerance means less hassles in the winter months, better color retention, and quicker recovery.
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