STIHL MSE 210 C-BQ Chainsaw

STIHL MSE 210 C-BQ Chainsaw

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Model MSE 210 C-BQ
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MSE 210 C-BQ

When you need power but don’t want the exhaust, just plug in the MSE 210 C-BQ electric chainsaw. Enjoy zero fuel costs, no fuel mixing and no engine maintenance. Great for firewood cutting, woodworking and carpentry, this corded electric chainsaw delivers all the power you need for tasks around the home (even indoors). The powerhead weighs under 9.5 pounds but is packed with advanced cutting features. The MSE 210 C-BQ features a wide trigger switch and toolless Quick Chain Adjuster for easy chain adjustment or replacement. There’s even a coast-down brake which quickly stops the rotating chain when the trigger is released.

Quick Chain Adjuster Quick Chain Adjuster (QCA) (B)
 The Quick Chain Adjuster (QCA) (B) allows the user to adjust the tension of the chain  without the use of tools. This allows for easy chain adjustment.
Quickstop Plus STIHL Quickstop® Plus (Q) - an additional chain braking feature
 STIHL offers an additional, manually-activated chain brake on some models. This system  is designed to engage when the operator’s right hand completely releases the rear  handle, stopping the chain within one second. Available on some models.
MSE 210 C-BQ Specifications
ENGINE POWER 1.8 kW (15.0 amps)
POWERHEAD WEIGHT 4.2 kg (9.4 lbs)
GUIDE BAR LENGTHS* (Recommended ranges) 12”, 14”, or 16”
CHAIN OIL CAPACITY 200 cc (6.8 oz)
STIHL recommends #3636 (63 PM3 55) OILOMATIC® saw chain and 14" 3005 008 4813 Ematic™ guide bar combonation.

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