STIHL 36 GBE Economy Diamond Chain Concrete Cutters

STIHL 36 GBE Economy Diamond Chain Concrete Cutters

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Model 36 GBE Economy Diamond Chain
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36 GBE Economy Diamond Chain

Value-priced Diamond Abrasive Chain (exclusively for the GS 461 STIHL Rock Boss®) well-suited for rental applications or when cutting abrasive materials such as brick, and small scale concrete projects.

The STIHL Diamond Abrasive Chain 36 GBE delivers a great cut for your buck. This chain features pre-sharpened diamond segments on every other link, providing high cutting speed in concrete and stone materials. Great for short-term projects that require precise cutting through tough materials, such as brick, abrasive natural stone and cinder blocks. It’ll cut the concrete without breaking the bank. This chain is to be used exclusively with the GS 461 STIHL Rock Boss® concrete cutter and the STIHL ROLLOMATIC® G guide bars. The chain is designed to cut concrete, reinforced concrete (with rebar up to 1⁄2 inch), cinder blocks and masonry (including bricks, asphalt and soft stone such as sandstone). Cutting hard stone, such as granite, and ductile iron pipe are also approved applications but will reduce the service life of the chain. This unit is also intended for special projects involving precise corner cutting without overcutting.
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