STIHL RMA 370 Lawn Mowers

STIHL RMA 370 Lawn Mowers

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Model RMA 370
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RMA 370

Note: Batteries and chargers must be purchased separately. The RMA 370 battery-powered, walk-behind lawnmower expands the versatility of STIHL Battery KombiSystem, which allows you to power multiple tools with one easily interchangeable 36-volt lithium-ion battery. With no gas to buy or store, you’ll enjoy less mess and no fumes. Easy and convenient, the mower starts instantly – just push the button and pull the switch lever, eliminating the ache of pulling starter cords. Let go, and the motor and blade stop. It’s lightweight, easy to maneuver and much quieter than gasoline-powered mowers – making it an ideal choice for smaller yards or noise-restricted areas. By the way, did we mention it has no exhaust emissions? The 14-inch cutting deck makes it highly maneuverable and great for tight spaces, around swimming pools or for smaller yards, and you can cover up to 3,200 square feet on a single charge, depending on operating and battery conditions. Need to cover more ground? The STIHL battery can be easily swapped out and recharged in less than 30 minutes with the optional rapid charger. With a high-grade steel blade and five settings for cutting height, you can give your lawn a clean, healthy cut at lengths ranging from approximately one inch to three inches. And the combination of the blade and the fan wheel above it create a strong air current which lifts the grass for a better, cleaner, more precise cut. The easy-to-empty grass catcher holds up to 10.5 gallons of clippings – and the built-in indicator lets you know when it’s time to empty; or use the optional mulching attachment to put natural nutrients back into your lawn. And when you are done mowing, the handles fold up for easy storage in a 41” x 17.5” x 20” space (with grass catcher). The RMA 370 walk-behind lawn mower features a brushless, commercial-grade 600-watt electric motor that requires less maintenance than the engine on a gasoline-powered mower. STIHL is leading the way in new technologies, and the STIHL Battery KombiSystem and the RMA 370 lawn mower are just a couple of examples of how we’re doing it. To see the system for yourself, visit a STIHL Dealer. They’re professionals, who can answer your questions, help solve your landscaping challenges, and service your equipment.

Locking Key Locking Key
 Key prevents accidental starting of the motor.
Convenient Handle Convenient Handle
 Lightweight (only 27 lbs.) with folding handles, making it easy to transport and to store.
Battery Battery
 Lithium-ion battery power eliminates the mess and expense of fuel mixtures.
Battery Life Battery Life
 No gradual drop in power, so you can work at full speed until battery is depleted.
Power Switch Power Switch
 Instant startup, just push the button and pull the switch lever.
RMA 370 Specifications
WEIGHT (w/ AP 180) 13.9 kg (30.6 lbs.)
RUN TIME (w/ AP 180) Approx. 28 minutes
CUTTING HEIGHT 1.2" to 2.8"
CUTTING WIDTH 37 cm (14.5 in.)
Battery and charger must be purchased separately. *Run times may vary and depend on the battery used, charge level of battery, condition of the grass, and user's operating technique.

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